Please register your pie before October 7th, 2016 if you want to enter the 2016 Pie Fest. You may enter as many pies as you want.  Registration is closed for this year! But keep an eye out for the next pie fest.

Bakers must bring TWO of their pies to Crozet Mudhouse the morning of October 9th.  One of these pies will be used for judging.  The other is to be auctioned off and/or sold to help raise funds for our charity (to be named soon).

What is a valid pie?

  • You may enter a round pie baked in at least a 9" round pan or you may make hand pies.
  • All pies must have either a crumb or a pastry crust.
  • You do not need to use an "original" recipe; recipes from books, restaurants, grandmothers, and so on are all encouraged. Pie Fest is a competition of skill in baking and ingredient selection, not of recipe creation.


Judging Criteria

When judging the pies, our panel of judges will be considering the following criteria:

  1. Overall flavor. No one wants a pie that doesn't taste good, so this is the single most important judging criterion. It is worth twice of what any of the others are. Be sure that your pie is tasty, preferably delicious, and ideally divinely flavored. 20 points.
  2. Crust. The crust separates a good pie from a fantastic pie. People who are serious about pie are very serious about crust, and a poor crust will virtually ruin a pie experience for them. 5 points.
  3. Presentation. They say you eat with your eyes first. A beautiful pie will make the judges hungry for more, and they will be expecting greatness. If you can make your pie look as great as it tastes, you will be on your way to a winning pie. 5 points.
  4. Originality/Traditionality. This is a specialty of the Cville Pie Fest. Sometimes a pie will transport you back to your childood, reliving the ideal life of the best apple pie you've ever eaten. They will remind you of holidays, and favorite relatives, and all of the good times you've ever had in your life when a pie has been present. These are the Traditional Pies. Other pies break new ground in pie making. There may be a flavor combination never before dreamed, or something that would ordinarily be a whole fruit that is, instead, a custard pie. Whatever it is, we may never have seen it before. These are the Original Pies. Cville Pie Fest pies should be one or the other. A minor deviation from tradition will get neither points for Originality nor Traditionality, but going big one way or the other could get you the full points for this category. 5 points.


Special Judging categories

Sometimes we will get sponsors for special judging categories. These categories will have their own prizes and special judging for that prize, but can also be a part of the general Pie Fest judging. This year, our special judging category is:


  • Gluten-free: Make sure there's no wheat flour or other sources of gluten anywhere near this pie, and you can enter it for this category. Pie must be completely gluten-free. Can be sweet or savory. It is sponsored by Albemarle Cabinet Co. and the prize is $200 of decorative hardware (knobs and pulls) or kitchen organizers for your cabinets to be chosen by winner. Options include: Spice organizers for drawers or doors, sink organizers, and more.



All rules are subject to change by the whim of the Pie Fest Committee at any time, usually because we realized that we've done something terribly foolish and want to fix it.